TESCO and TVUK magazine sponsor on board HMS Belfast

TESCO and TVUK magazine sponsor a night’s networking on London’s iconic warship HMS Belfast.

Bootnecks in2 Business Event 13 – 28th September 2023.

Our latest event on board HMS Belfast brings together TESCO, the largest veteran employee in the UK, and The Veteran UK Magazine together to further networking opporunties within the Royal Marines community.

Another meaningful event from Bootnecks In2 Business. Following on from our summer event at The Tower of London sponsored by Lockheed Martin, our September event was held on HMS Belfast, sponsored by Tesco and The Veteran UK. Tesco’s are the largest employer of Veterans in the UK.

Rhys Little “Every Little Helps” and Gareth McBain explained the very real opportunities in Tesco, the diversity of their activities, from project management, via finance to wine buying! The opportunities for advancement are real, can come quickly, and have great rewards packages.

Gareth McBain, former Royal Marine said

Tesco would like to thank the organisers Bi2B for such an incredible event onboard HMS Belfast. Such an honour to present to many of my former brothers looking for their next challenge and their transition journey for those about to leave. The response was amazing to see those who have never considered Tesco as an employer and then seeing their change in opinion to actual consideration for future employment. Brilliant event.”

This message was reinforced by Ashwin Prasad – Chief Commercial Officer – Who said

“………recruitment from the military is a strong incentive for Tesco, knowing the heritage of the founder to the amazing veteran members of our workforce. They bring unbridled experience and skill to the organisation, helping shape the business of tomorrow”

Armed Forces Network – https://www.tesco-careers.com/explore-our-world/armed-forces-at-tesco/

Armed Forces Network email – Armed_Forces_Network@tesco.com

Alan Spence – Editor Veteran UK said

“It was a privilege to launch Veteran Force on HMS Belfast, announcing Gareth McBain as Chair of the Steering Committee, and to sponsor the event alongside our partners, Trinity Insurance.

Major General Neil Marshal OBE spent his evening meeting, serving and retired, Royal Marines, and Zoe Darnborough from the RMA, gave a heart-warming speech.

Further supported by Toby Gutteridge and his fiance Savannah representing their company “Bravery” defining his extraordinary story and overcoming adversity after being shot in the neck whilst serving with the SBS in Afghanistan.

Lydia Wakefield came from London Business School (LBS) to see how they might help the Veteran community, and how we might help them. Lydia was very impressed with the calibre of people and their “Can Do” approach, sense of togetherness and commitment to a better world.

The meeting has resulted in some very real benefits for Bi2B Royal Marines, with opportunities for both Marines and their wives to build a relationship with LBS and potentially study there. Details are available via this link.

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