Bootnecks in2 Business Summer Networking Event – A Success Story

On the 20th of June 2024, the Bootnecks in2 Business summer networking event brought together a dynamic group of individuals and businesses at the prestigious Tower of London, a historic venue dating back to 1078 AD. This event was a resounding success, drawing over 80 attendees from 20 different business sectors, showcasing the thriving entrepreneurial spirit of Royal Marines in business and providing valuable insights for those considering their next career steps.

A Gathering of Minds and Opportunities

The event was a melting pot of opportunities, facilitating business networking among veterans and industry leaders. Attendees, ranging from business owners and entrepreneurs to industry experts, had the chance to explore various business sectors and forge valuable business connections.

Inspiring Presentations

The highlight of the event was the insightful presentations by notable speakers. Mick Betteridge MBE QGM, Chairman of Bootnecks in2 Business, and Steve Jackson, CEO of SA Group, shared their wealth of knowledge and experience. Their presentations underscored the diverse business opportunities available to Royal Marines, demonstrating the wide range of sectors eager to employ and collaborate with them.

Key Takeaways

1. Veterans Helping Veterans: The event reinforced the strong support network among veterans, highlighting the importance of veterans helping veterans in achieving business success.

2. Business Opportunities: Attendees learned about various business opportunities and how their unique skills and experiences as Royal Marines are highly valued across different industries.

3. Networking and Business Passed: The event was a hotspot for networking, with numerous business opportunities being discussed and business deals being initiated.

An International Affair

This year’s event was truly international, featuring participants from various backgrounds, including Americans, Australians, NATO personnel, and even a couple of Submariners! The global representation added a unique dimension to the networking opportunities, fostering cross-border and international connections and collaborations.

A Special Venue and Sponsor

The evening was made even more special by its setting at the historic Tower of London, with attendees enjoying the hospitality of the Yeoman Warders. A special shout out goes to SA Group, the leading Cyber Security and P3M consultancy, for sponsoring the event. As an employee-owned organisation, SA Group exemplifies a great place to work, as reflected by the positive experiences shared by their team members.

Looking Ahead

The Bootnecks in2 Business summer networking event was more than just a gathering; it was a launchpad for new beginnings and successful careers. The event clearly demonstrated the vast array of business opportunities available to Royal Marines, offering them a platform to explore and engage with various sectors.

Want to attend the next one?

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Tower of London Yeoman's bar

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