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Bootnecks in2 Business (Bi2B) is humbled by the network of professionals that helps all Royal Marines Commandos, past and present.

These testimonials are a testament to the value of the Royal Marines network and family.

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Carl Naudo​

Former Royal Marine Carl Naudo working in the civilian sector.

“I first ventured out to Bootnecks in2 Business 6 months out from my TX date and I’ve continued to come to as many times as possible since then. The warmth and camaraderie I encountered from the outset set the tone for a truly supportive experience from bootnecks old and new.

This group, rich with shared backgrounds and understanding, has played a key part in what direction I should take and helped me in exploring new opportunities.

Each member, eager to share their insights and advice, has contributed to a unique environment where guidance is readily available and generously given.

Bootnecks in2 Business is more than just a network; it’s a community where the ethos of mutual support thrives, making it an invaluable asset for any Royal Marine looking for that next opportunity.”

Simon Hartley

Former Royal Marine Simon Hartley working in the civilian sector.

“I am Simon Hartley and am a former Bootneck who signed up in Dec 99 (The last squad to enlist in the 20th century 😊) My career in the Corps was cut short in 2014 due to injuries sustained over time as an Aircrewman on Sea King Mk4-Junglies.

Lads leave the Corps at various stages for a plethora of reasons of course, and whilst the majority of us are trained to overcome, be resilient, find a way and be cheerful-lol, it might not be all plain sailing when that time does eventually come!

Through the 90s and into the 00s, there were a few different charities and military groups that sprung up in the aftermath of personnel leaving post NI, Gulf, Afghan, and the other zones of activity of that period. The biggest organisations seemed to dominate the support, with the Army and RAF adorning most of the collateral as one might expect since the lads were mostly out on Ops! There was always an ironic lack of organization or even focus from within the Corps when it came to post discharge support. Since we fell under the RN, and whether we like to admit it or not, we are 2 separate entities under one umbrella-thus creating a bridge that needed to be crossed for lads to get what they needed. No offence to the Navy staff who look after this stuff but for some Royals it was completely alien to enter an establishment where there were so many females, total sprogs with rank, and so many people who had never been to the gym.. How could these people understand our needs or speak our language?!

Fast forward a few years and thankfully a band of Royals decided to take it upon themselves to do something assertive. Enter the Bi2B group, which started out as a bit of a gaggle with a few dits (and some alcohol) for like minded former Bootnecks to compare their status in life against how their careers ended. It didn’t take long-of course- for the group to take shape and turn into a genuine force for good.

What we now have is a living and breathing forum for former, serving and soon to be relinquished Royal Marines to help eachother out. There is no ego, no pressure, and attendees are free to say as much or as little as they are comfortable with sharing. What is guaranteed, is that within the group will be others who have either walked a similar path or are about to and the best part is that because we all wear the same colour lid, there is a genuine desire to do right by eachother, and not to see an oppo off!

On a personal level, I have used the group purely for networking and to offer words to lads who are in transition or recently left. I am working in a company where I can offer insight days, escort visitors and set up coffee meetings with professionals in roles that may be desirable to leavers. Since I am friends with one of the founding members of the Bi2B, I am very supportive and hope that the organization continues to succeed, as it presents a valuable service to so many who need it.”

Stephen Clark

Former Royal Marine Stephen Clark working in the civilian sector.

“Exceptional Transition Support from Royal Marines to Industry with BI2B I am thrilled to share my sincere testimonial for the exceptional services provided by Bootnecks in 2 Business (Bi2B). As a former Royal Marine transitioning into the industry world, my experience with Bi2B has been nothing short of transformative.

Transitioning from a military career to the corporate landscape can be challenging, but Bi2B’s provided the opportunity to connect with others and help support individuals on their journey. The team at Bi2B, comprised of highly skilled and experienced former Royal Marines, understands the specific needs and challenges faced by veterans of this elite force.

What sets Bi2B apart is their unwavering commitment to empowering Royal Marines to thrive in the business world by connecting former members of the Royal Marines family with business and industry via live events. The 30sec elevator pitch allows everyone attending to ether offer support or ask for support.

The personalised mentorship provided by Bi2B, led by seasoned Royal Marines, is invaluable. Their guidance is instrumental in helping veterans navigate the complexities of the corporate world, providing insights that go beyond the traditional transition support. “Bootnecks helping Bootnecks”.

Bi2B’s commitment to fostering a sense of community among its participants, all with a Royal Marine background, is commendable. The networking opportunities and connections forged within the Bi2B community create a support system that extends far beyond the vision. This sense of camaraderie among fellow transitioning personnel from the Royal Marines family adds an extra layer of encouragement and shared success.

In conclusion, Bootnecks in 2 Business (Bi2B) has been an instrumental partner in my transition journey from Royal Marine to the business world. Their commitment to excellence, combined with the unique perspective derived from Royal Marine service, sets them apart in the realm of transition support programs. I wholeheartedly recommend Bi2B to any Royal Marine seeking a smooth and successful transition into the dynamic world of business. “

Shaun Henderson

Former Royal Marine Shaun Henderson working in the civilian sector.

“I began my transition journey with Bin2B in the spring of 2022. When I was informed that I would be leaving the Royal Marines under Medical discharge. I knew that I had little time to find a role and company that would suit me after 26 years regular service at the age of 49. I knew a number of the team already and wanted to broaden my understanding and network with the aim of gaining a worthwhile second career. Including, the knowledge that Bootnecks get everywhere. I wasn’t surprised when I learnt the vast network Bin2B has enabled and created within the Royal Marines family; and it is a family.

Bootnecks do as they say come in all shapes and sizes and we have one common goal in life which is ingrained into us. The want to succeed, either in business, life or adventure. The soft skills that I have been taught whilst in service including the responsibilities I had and unique global experience are priceless to an employer. They have been refined and tested whilst making mistakes along the way. This along with the advice and support given has resulted in my successful transition to becoming a credible established member of the company I now work for in my second career. The Royal Marines have given me the ability to understand issues and suggest solutions to make the working environment a better place for all. Including providing strategies to make it more successful.

The Bin2B cohort provides ongoing support and advice and I hope with 2024 a new role will allow me to personally benefit more by contributing and giving back to those Royal Marines who are just beginning their transition journey as I did. It will hopefully then also align with my future career aspirations. BZ to the team I think you have the balance right. #PMPT Shaun Henderson”

Gareth McBain

Former Royal Marine Gareth Mcbain working in the civilian sector.

“From the very beginning Bin2B has been the very lifeline for some individuals and businesses to kick on to the next level of their careers post military. It’s Veteran brotherhood personified! 

I’ve been at Bootnecks in2 Business since the very beginning and it never ceases to amaze me of the diversity of accomplishment over the past 6 or so years. If ever there was a reflection of the calibre of individual leaving the Royal Marines, this is the litmus test and showcase which demonstrates every element. It has the ability to generate buzz and noise and even fanfare well above its station and its this that employers and the wider business community alike that need to pay attention to whats happening here. 

Whether it be a talent pool you are looking to hire from, or a new venture opportunity working with quality professionals in pretty much any field or industry Bin2B should be the first port of call.”

Stephen Ackroyd

Stephen Ackroyd former Royal Marine in the Aviation Security sector

“From seasoned professionals to emerging talent, the Bi2B events are not just about shaking hands and swapping business cards; it is about forging meaningful connections that can reshape your professional civilian journey.

The energy and enthusiasm that permeated, has been inspiring, attend if you are looking for an event that transcends the ordinary and propels you into a realm of possibilities.”

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