The Royal Marines are back onboard ship

HMS Belfast hosts our autumn Bootnecks in2 Business Networking Event: Uniting Royal Marines and Corporate Leaders

A review of our Event on HMS Belfast – 28th September 2023.

In late September 2023, the iconic HMS Belfast became the latest backdrop for yet another remarkable networking event organized by BootnecksIN2Business, a unique initiative that brings together former and serving Royal Marines with leaders in the business world. Sponsored by Tesco and VeteranUK, this gathering was a testament to the enduring spirit of the Royal Marines and the collaborative efforts to bridge the gap between military service and the corporate sector.

The chosen venue, the second world war battleship HMS Belfast, added a sense of history and grandeur to the occasion. Nestled on the Thames, the ship’s decks provided a spectacular view of London’s skyline, creating an inspiring backdrop for the networking event. Darren Kitchener, Head of Security for the Imperial War Museum, graciously offered the venue, adding a naval touch to the evening.

Approximately 80 former and serving Royal Marines, alongside leaders in the business world and senior corporate figures, came together for an evening of camaraderie and networking. The mix of military and corporate backgrounds facilitated unique connections and conversations, highlighting the shared values of discipline, leadership, and resilience.

The event featured inspiring guests, including Toby Gutteridge, (of #Bravery) a Royal Marine and SBS veteran who overcame adversity with incredible courage. Despite being quadriplegic, Gutteridge continues to inspire others with his determination and positive outlook. His presence at the event underscored the importance of resilience and adaptation in both military and business spheres.

HMS Belfast’s catering team ensured that the attendees were well taken care of with a delightful array of drinks and finger foods. The naval atmosphere added an extra layer of authenticity to the experience, making it a memorable affair for everyone involved.

As the networking event on board HMS Belfast came to a close, the festivities continued into the night at The Union Jack Club. This renowned military club, steeped in tradition, provided a fitting continuation of the evening’s camaraderie. The Union Jack Club’s commitment to supporting the military community made it an ideal venue for the afterparty.

The BootnecksIN2Business networking event aboard HMS Belfast proved to be a resounding success, fostering connections between Royal Marines and corporate leaders. With the support of sponsors Tesco and VeteranUK, and the generosity of Darren Kitchener and the Imperial War Museum, this event showcased the power of collaboration in bridging the gap between military service and the corporate world. As the party continued into the night at The Union Jack Club, the bonds formed during the event are sure to leave a lasting impact on the lives and careers of those in attendance.


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