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We have recently been exploring what it means to be a “Bootnecks into Business Marine” and how Bi2B can help throughout your life. From transitioning from the Royal Marines to your life in a community, family and commercial world. We start with our core values, of caring, not letting each other down, and getting the job done. We recognise that increasingly the world, and business in particular, needs these skills.

The detailed know-how of business can be taught, the core “Can Do” attitudes, are more difficult to come by. This was recognised by Bain and Co, in a paper published in November 2022. London Business School recognises this, and wants to provide a path for Royal Marines and their wives, to study at London Business School, and gain the associated authority for their commercial lives and earning capabilities.

There is a selection procedure, but Lydia Wakefield Head of Partnerships, and her team have made every effort to engage with Bi2B Marines and streamline that selection process.

Lydia summarises the agreement below

We are happy to offer pre-application consultations to Bootnecks In2 Business members, to explore their experience, eligibility and funding. So this wouldn’t necessarily require you to pre-qualify. @Charlotte Tait is best placed to offer this service to your members.

A few benefits we are happy to share with your network:

  • We have set up a dedicated booking link for your members to book a consultation to discuss their experience, eligibility and opportunities:
  • Application fee waivers are available to Military candidates (currently for MBA, but working with our EMBA/Sloan teams)– removing one barrier to applying
  • Military-specific scholarships are available on the MBA, but all our programmes have a range of scholarships available.
  • Military in Business Club connections to offer connections to others who have pursued business education from military
  • Military at LBS –
  • This webinar may also be helpful (including a US Marine studying our Global EMBA) – We will also likely be running a similar event again next year. Which we can open up to your network.
  • Happy to share relevant future events and useful content with you.  

This is open to serving, leaving and veteran members. We are open to opportunities that can help us to reach your members, and how best to engage with them.

In Summary

  • You have a direct line into LBS to discuss your career.
  • There are normally significant application fees – These have been waived.
  • Potential Scholarships for the right people.
  • Access to the Military Business Club, for networking, meeting Alumni, and successful ex military business people.
  • Access to Military Club events hosted by, International companies,
  • Webinars.
  • Access to Future events.

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