Thrive and Survive in Business

Nick Brown Thrive and Survive in Business Book

Bootnecks in 2 Business have kindly asked me to make this book available to Bootnecks considering setting up a business.

It has been written with a light touch, seeking to provide a check list of things to consider at different growth stages of your business, whilst providing real life experiences that place the insights into the world of Civvy Street.

Royal Marines understand “Cheerfulness” and know how to react under pressure. I believe that this ability to manage downside risk, is the cornerstone of the trust needed to build the learning organisations that deliver the innovation that pays for everything. “Business needs Bootnecks“.

I hope that reading this book will be one of the first steps on your journey.

You can get your copy here.

There are lots of cartoons in the book, that illustrate specific circumstances.


David McLean, Director, Bi2B

This short and concise book is a must for all levels of business owners out there. The brief chapters make it easy to read and refer to as you move through the often perilous journey that is the world of business. This book offers something to all its readers and is equally helpful if you are just starting out or are established and looking to grow. Highly recommended. 


Debbie Glinnan

A helpful read for all small businesses. This book not only serves as a short cut for new entrepreneurs, it is also a great for existing business owners like myself. It makes you question existing business practices and helps you think about how you could improve”.


G Hugman

This is such a great little book to have on standby for the often bumpy ride that starting your own business can be! As a small business owner myself, I wish I’d been forewarned and forearmed by Nick Brown’s book when I began fifteen years ago. It’s a well thought out analysis of the process that small businesses go through and it offers sound advice to see you through. Nick Brown clearly understands the highs and lows of start-ups. Highly recommended.

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